The Magic of Millions IOPS Database

The Magic of Millions IOPS Database   This blog post is the first of  series where I will cover database environment with conjunction of Software Define Storage called NVMesh develop by Excelero company www.excelero.com, Tiento company became official Partner of Excelero in EMEA region. In this particular post I would like to show how we […]

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NFS over RDMA Network Last month I was asked by my friends CEO of Software Development Company to create low-level latency I/O subsystem for Oracle Databases, this software company mainly produce software for banking and insurance companies and they need something similar in terms of performance and latency as big banks I/O subsystem.  It is very difficult […]

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ORA-600 [ktbdchk1: bad dscn] in DG/ADG

I was working on client site and few weeks ago and I was facing first time  with problem   ORA-600 [ktbdchk1: bad dscn] which  cause applications problem , last week I was facing the same problem once again so I decide to dig more to regenerate this bug and   try to resolve problem more successful […]

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Advanced Format 4k – Redo Log Performance

Advanced Format 4k – Redo Log Performance   This is my first post regarding 4k Native Block Size , I will try to investigate 4k Redo Log performance  improvement vs 512 byte native storage block size.  We will compare the same workload on the same DB Appliance (this is not ODA) using two Intel P3700 […]

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