2019-05-27 | Adam Boliński

Oracle 19c Install Crash

This post is related to one of my twitter tweet regarding machine crash in time of Oracle 19c install or rather Oracle 19c database create.

This was this tweet

What is important to know that install of Oracle 18c was successful.

Machine where I install Oracle 19c was Intel i9 with ASRock mainboard, there is no any overclocked but based standard BIOS configuration. I was try to install DB in command line or GUI interface but every time the machine get immediate crash.

So every time the database came to this point

SQL> host /u01/app/oracle/product/19.3/OPatch/datapatch -skip_upgrade_check -db en19c;
SQL Patching tool version Production on Fri May 10 18:24:31 2019
Copyright (c) 2012, 2019, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Log file for this invocation: /u01/app/oracle/cfgtoollogs/sqlpatch/sqlpatch_17004_2019_05_10_18_24_31/sqlpatch_invocation.log

Connecting to database...OK
Gathering database info...done
Bootstrapping registry and package to current versions...done
Determining current state...done

Current state of interim SQL patches:
  No interim patches found

Current state of release update SQL patches:
  Binary registry: Release_Update 190410122720: Installed
  SQL registry:
    No release update patches installed

Adding patches to installation queue and performing prereq checks...done
Installation queue:
  No interim patches need to be rolled back
  Patch 29517242 (Database Release Update : (29517242)):
    Apply from Feature Release to Release_Update 190410122720
  No interim patches need to be applied

Server goes down, in the kernel crash logs I get the information about :

mce hardware error cpu 0 machine check b200000000070005

This info was very helpful, I dig deeper and discover that this error is related to AVX2/AVX512. I was suspect that is related to AVX speed but in the BIOS settings was Auto. Though in practice, offsets of -4 for AVX and -7 for AVX512 seem to be appropriate for stock speeds so I changed in BIOS and try to reinstall Oracle 19c once again and guess what this time it works correctly.

Based on this little investigation we can suppose that datapatch in 19c use AVX2/AVX512 opposite to datapatch in 18c – I will investigate more about in next posts.

Secondly this case shows that it will be difficult to install Oracle 19c on overclocked CPU .