Advanced Format 4k – Redo Log Performance

Advanced Format 4k – Redo Log Performance   This is my first post regarding 4k Native Block Size , I will try to investigate 4k Redo Log performance  improvement vs 512 byte native storage block size.  We will compare the same workload on the same DB Appliance (this is not ODA) using two Intel P3700 […]

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Infiniband SR-IOV on Exadata OVM

Based on our session in Barcelona on Enkitec E4 regarding Exadata Cons. and Pros. we prepare live demo – SR-IOV on OVM in Exadata environment. Virtual hosts on Exadata with OVM are HVM and not PV. This is one of the limitations of Infiniband SR-IOV – can’t be used with PV. So there is a […]

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SQL Translation Framework

Quick Introduction to SQL Translation Framework  from Docs Various client-side applications, designed to work with non-Oracle Databases, cannot be used with Oracle Database without significant alterations. This is because SQL dialect varies among vendors of database technologies and different vendors use different syntaxes to express SQL queries and statements. Starting with Oracle Database Release 12c, […]

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Extreme Performance RAC

Powerful RAC implementation using Flash Shared Storage Based of client’s needs to build not expensive very powerful Oracle RAC cluster environment with not big amount of storage I designed RAC cluster configuration using PCIe Shared Flash Storage to achieve best performance, availability, scalability and cost saving.  Designed configuration uses extended cluster configuration and ASM preferred […]

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